Fee Schedule

Effective March 1, 2012

Share Draft Account Fees

Service or ItemRelated Fee Amount
Insufficient Funds $25.00 per Item
Late Deposit $25.00 per Item
Bounce Protection $25.00 per Item
Stop Payment $20.00 per Item
Copy of Share Draft $1.50 per Item
NSF Pickup Fee (When Cashier's Check is Issued) $2.00 per Item
Share to Share Transfer $5.00 Reg D – exceed six (6) transfers
Monthly Service Charge $5.00 On accounts that do not maintain a $300.00 balance
Share Draft Printing Prices Vary
  • For any questions please contact us at 918-663-2050

Electric Funds Transfer

Service or ItemRelated Fee
EFT Insufficient Funds $25.00 per Item
EFT Late Deposit $25.00 per Item
EFT Stop Payment $20.00 per Item
Monthly ATM/Debit Card Fee $1.25 per Month
First Eight (8) ATM withdrawals per month No Charge
ATM Withdrawals in Excess of Eight (8) $0.50 Each
ATM/Debit Card overdrawn Transaction $25.00 per Item
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00 Each
Reissue of Transfund Card $5.00 per Card
Reissue of Debit Card No Fee
Return Deposit Item VIA ATM Network $5.00 per Item
  • For any questions please contact us at 918-663-2050

Other Services

Other Service or ItemRelated Fee
Account Reconciliation $10.00 per Hour
Account Research $10.00 per Hour
Statement Copy or Printout $2.50 per Month
Deposited Item Returned $5.00 per Item
Incoming Wire $5.00 per Item
Outgoing Wire $20.00 per Item
Cashier’s Check (One free a day) $2.50 each addition check
Garnishment / Levy $20.00 per Item
Locator Fee $5.00 per Qtr
Fax (Long Distance Calls) $2.00 per Page
Photocopy $0.10 per Item
Return Mail $5.00
Check Cashing 1.00% of Amount
Coin Counting 5.00% of Amount if average balance is less than $300.00
  • For any questions please contact us at 918-663-2050

Billpay e-Plus

Service or ItemRelated Fee
Monthly Service Charge (Required: e-Statements)FREE
Monthly Service Charge (If no e-Statements or 60 days of bill pay inactivity)$4.95
Written Correspondence to Payee $10.00
Proof of Payment not necessitated by a dispute $10.00
Payments returned due to member error $5.00
Insufficient Funds $25.00 per Item
Bounce Protection $25.00 per Item